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Trail run organised by Mid Essex Casuals

Trail Running Association Permit 585

Start between 10am and 11am on Monday 2nd January 2017.

Venue: Newtons Farm, Wissington, nr Nayland, CO6 4LX

Please do not arrive at the farm before 9.45am. There is no need and you will annoy the farmer, jeopardising future events. Please park in an organised fashion on the hard standing around the barns. Please park sensibly, bearing in mind that other runners will be coming and going all morning. Do NOT park at the church or in the grass parking area reserved for church users - you will be disqualified if you do this. Car sharing is very much encouraged.

The run is almost exactly 9 miles long, using public footpaths and sections of country road / farm tracks. There are a number of stiles. The route is hilly and likely to be muddy - take care when running, particularly on wooden stiles and bridges. January in rural Essex can be very cold - dress appropriately. We will leave a cache of drinking water at just over 5 miles and there will be drinks, mince pies and other Christmas leftovers available at the finish. Please feel free to donate your own goodies too.

You will be given a narrative route description at the start. You don't need to see this beforehand but we know some people get nervous about new event formats so we are being extra nice here. The instructions are here and you can also download this to a GPS watch if you wish. Many trail event routes are secret until you get there, so this can be used to gain confidence in the format if you wish. If you do practice on the course beforehand, do NOT park at the farm - there is a layby which will take about 3 cars at the top of the lane leading down to the farm.

There is access to a farm toilet at the start / finish, but no other public facilities on the route.

You can wear whatever you like for this run - club kit not required. Seasonal stupidity is very welcome.

This race is possible because of the goodwill of the farmer, who has requested a sizeable donation for the upkeep of St Mary's Church. You will see this church shortly after starting the run - it is remote and historic and well worth a look.

UK Athletics rules apply, meaning that you must be at least 17 years old to run this event. UKA rules ban dogs in all their events. Parents running with their children will of course make their own decisions. Anyone dropping litter or otherwise jeopardising the future of this event will be disqualified.

Entry is £5 for members of EA affiliated running clubs - you do not need to be personally EA affiliated. If you are not a member of an EA running club, entry is £7 (our permit forces us to charge an extra £2). Mid Essex Casual members will pay £4. Mid Essex Casuals always welcome new members - we are not a formal running club so there are very limited group training runs but we organise many trail events across Essex and membership also gives you free runs in three local cross country leagues and as part of our Essex Way Relay and Saltmarsh Relay teams.

Entry will be available on the day subject to parking being available. You can pay in advance using the links below if you wish - this will speed up registration. If we get flooded with early registrations we may need to withdraw race day entry, but this is unlikely.

If you like the sound of this event you might also enjoy the Braintree Boggle - a full marathon on 5th Feb 2017. This will be flatter, possibly muddier and with more food. Thats all you need to know.