Winter pics being upgraded to reflect June conditions - work in progress !

0.1 miles. Turn R at this junction 'Forget Me Not'. Note the road sign - in this area they use these for footpath signs too. This is only a few hundred metres from the start, so plenty of people to follow.
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0.1 miles. As an example, because you might not expect to see the markers high up on a traffic sign. That bit of loose card is nothing to do with us !
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0.1 miles. Turn L up Gravel Hill in front of the brick house in the background.
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0.5 miles. Gravel Hill is about 3/4 mile long - most people should take it easy up here, but it will allow you to pass slower runners and get in to a rhythm before entering narrow sections.
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0.75 miles. As the RD turns R, go straight ahead down the path. The sign is on the verge on the left.
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0.8 miles. Enclosed path with no turnings.
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1 mile. Over and L. Note that the markers try to point you in exactly the right direction.
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Pointing to a kissing gate in that hedge - the other side is a potential BULL field. It can be skirted L, but its longer and harder.
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Exiting the bull field towards far R corner - faint path visible.
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1.4 miles. Over stile, down steps and turn R up this long enclosed path. Golf Course on your left.
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At end of path, L on RD and then leave RD to R at top of picture - sign is on left and also has 'B & B'.
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2.2 miles. Stoke by Nayland church coming in to view.
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Stoke by Nayland Church - use the entrance about 15m to the right of this one.
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2.65 miles. You have just passed the Crown pub and will be turning L at the next kissing gate to follow the hedge line L.
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3.3 miles.Very distinct path as you come through the kissing gate. At the next kissing gate turn R to follow the path all the way to the track.
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3.7 miles. Turn L over the wooden bridge and go straight uphill, keeping to the track.
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4.1 miles. You have just crossed the stile to enter this small wood. Keep R.
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4.4 miles. Turn L at track past barn and house.
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4.75 miles. CHECKPOINT 1. At track junction turn R and follow private RD for 500m before exiting L on to enclosed path which is nearly 1 mile long.
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