Stour Valley Marathon Rules

1. Park on the Village Hall field - please do not park on the roadside in the village as it may cause us problems for future races. For the same reason, please be considerate with car doors, radios, loud conversations, etc prior to the start. Some of the village houses are very close to the hall, and some people may be late risers. There is ample room to warm up on the sports field, so stay away from the houses.

2. No dropping litter. If you have a gel or biscuit wrapper please leave it at the next checkpoint with the volunteers. This will be grounds for disqualification. Please do not take plastic cups out of the checkpoint area - finding these in hedges later will be very bad news.

3. Its a trail race and there are several places where you could cut the course, either accidentally or deliberately. That's not in the spirit of these events, so please don't. If you think you might be challenging for a win, wearing a GPS watch would help prove your actual route in the event of a challenge from another contender. If you know you made a mistake which shortened the route, and particularly if you may win, please tell us when you finish.

4. Sorry, but no dogs running the event. This is due to safety concerns on the route - there may be cattle on the route, and dogs can make cattle less placid. They are also a trip hazard to other runners. Plus, UKA rules ban dogs anyway.

5. Please be considerate to other runners, particularly in the first few miles. Pass people safely and thoughtfully, and try to let faster people through when you can - it will soon settle down. Please also be considerate to people you meet on the trail - the entire route is open to the public and you do not have priority.

6. Take care on stiles and bridges, particularly if it has been raining. They can get very slippery. There are multiple other trip hazards - particularly from rabbit holes - be careful !

7. If you have a significant injury please dial 999. If you are lost or for more minor issues please call the race director on the number which will be provided.

8. We have a 7 hour finishing time so we can release volunteers and vacate the hall. There will be one cut-off point at approx 14 miles - the bridge in front of the Anchor pub in Nayland - you must pass this point inside 3hrs 20mins. If you don't, then you will not be able to complete the remaining distance in time and we will ask you to withdraw and return directly to the finish, which will be a short walk away. If you insist on continuing the checkpoints may have packed away before you get there so you will need to be fully self supported. There will be a sweeper running behind the last runner - don't panic, he is there to release the volunteers as soon as they aren't needed. He is not chasing you up !

9. You must run with the mobile phone you provided when entering, switched on and fully charged please. This is to enable you to call for help in an emergency and also lets us call you if needed.

10.a We will only accept entries from runners who have already completed a valid qualifying marathon. A qualifying marathon will be (a) a road marathon completed in under 5 hours, or (b) a trail marathon, including LDWA events, completed in under 6hrs 30 minutes, or (c) a previous Stour Valley Marathon in under 7 hours. You must have completed your qualifying marathon BEFORE you enter this race. Entrants who have previously participated in an unauthorised transfer of a race place in any event are unlikely to be able to satisfy the race director that any qualification race is valid.

10.b There will be no refunds for withdrawal but we will transfer your place to the next runner on the waiting list, or a runner nominated by you, as long as you let us know by May 15th. Transfers will not benefit from any discounts received by the original entrant, so the recipient of the transfer will be responsible for any supplementary payment. We will handle the finances on a transfer if needed and refund you less a £10 admin fee, assuming that your place is taken up by another runner. No admin fee is payable if you arrange the payment yourself, in which case all you need to do is provide the new runner's name, date of birth and contact details. If they are not EA affiliated they will need to pay the £2 levy, if not already paid. There are no refunds or transfers after May 15th - THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FINAL, REGARDLESS OF THE REASON YOU COULDN'T DO IT EARLIER. Entries can only be deferred once. Any one seeking to pass on a place for profit will be banned from future events and the transfer will not be recognised - this is a charity event and any extra money available will go to the supported charities.

There will be no deferrals from the 2019 event. If a similar event takes place in 2020 it will be organised by an unconnected entity with a different pricing structure and with different financial interests.

11. Entrants who abuse other entrants, volunteers or the race director are not welcome at this event. The Stour Valley Marathon is a friendly, local event which passes all proceeds to charity and can only continue through the goodwill of all those involved in the event. If you are unable to run but don't tell us by the end of May 15th then please consider your entire entry fee a charitable donation - there is absolutely no point complaining about it, and that may succeed in getting you banned from any future event.

12. The race directors decision is final.