6.75 miles. Old waterworks on R.
Stacks Image 37
Continue straight ahead and you will see the sign below in about 80m.
Stacks Image 47
The sign above is pointing to the large hedge gap in the pic below. The hedge gap is approx 7 miles.
Stacks Image 45
7.75 miles. The tree line below is Stratford St Mary. That stile is dry now.
Stacks Image 43
8.1 miles. After leaving the field above over the next stile, there is a long connected footbridge which leads you directly on to the road below. Turn R and stay on the pavement.
Stacks Image 41
8.3 miles. Still the same pavement below - you have just passed the Black Horse and will pass Le Talbooth just round the next corner. Ignore SVP sign.
Stacks Image 39
Pass Le Talbooth and stay R along the cinder path along the front of the houses. Rejoin pavement and the Essex Way sign below is only about 200m after Le Talbooth. You come up behind it so its easy to miss.
Stacks Image 60
8.6 miles. The Essex Way sign is pointing at the gate on your R, which you won't miss. The right side is open - go through.
Stacks Image 58
There is then a long private driveway - follow it to the end and turn R to Langham Church at 9 miles. CHECKPOINT 2 will be in front of the Church. You will continue down the track to the left of the picture above.
Stacks Image 56
Straight down track, curving R. As you leave the trees, bear L on a mowed section which cuts a small corner off the 'official' Essex Way. Keep following Essex Way signs.
Stacks Image 54
10.1 miles. Down the steps, turn L on the RD then immediate R up the track to Plumb's Farm (Essex Way)
Stacks Image 170
11.5 miles. Lake on left. If the sun is setting you have already missed the cut-off and must have spent too long in the pub !
Stacks Image 52
11.6 miles. Essex Way, just after the lake and before the RD section to Boxted. Turn L at the end of this track.
Stacks Image 112
12.3 miles. Stay on RD past big '30' and small '30'. Leave RD here - path is hidden just above bonnet of car.
Stacks Image 108
12.4 miles. Turn L to pass Boxted church on your L. Turn R near end of brick wall, still following Essex Way, which will take you through farm buildings, left at the pond, to emerge on the road at approx 12.9 miles and turn R - leaving the Essex Way.
Stacks Image 72
13.9 miles. You left the Essex Way by turning R on to this road when leaving Boxted Hall, then running down Burnt Dick Hill. You have run nearly a mile on the road when you take this footpath on your right.
Stacks Image 91
Close up pic of the same sign, noting the informational sign behind.
Stacks Image 89
Just a few yards through the wood and you will emerge over the footbridge and through the gate.
Stacks Image 87
Straight across the field to the gate.
Stacks Image 85
14 miles. Through the gate but do NOT go over the bridge. Turn L to follow the enclosed path along the riverbank.
Stacks Image 83
Cross the footbridge shown below, which you will be able to see very shortly after passing through the gate above.
Stacks Image 93
And coming off the bridge you will be going through that gap behind the bench, but CHECKPOINT 3 will be here so you will be fine.
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