14.5 miles. Leaving Nayland by the scenic route.
Stacks Image 37
Below - 16 miles. This is just after the concrete footbridge.
Stacks Image 43
16.25 miles. You will cross a footbridge in the first line of trees and continue uphill across the next field.
Stacks Image 41
17.5 miles. Not usually real electric fences, but the horses think they are.
Stacks Image 39
17.75 miles. Actually a farm approach road, not a public road.
Stacks Image 60
18.1 miles. You just left the road through a kissing gate on the R. The path is faintly visible towards the right of the picture.
Stacks Image 58
18.2 miles. Could be true... Unlikely to be a problem, but if you really can't get through, back track to the road, carry on and take the next footpath on your right. When you reach the track turn right to bring you back on route at the top of this field. It will add at least half a mile.
Stacks Image 56
18.7 miles. Up and over the steps, and then round to the left of the church, exiting through kissing gate in to the woods, downhill.
Stacks Image 54
Down through the wood after the churchyard, and then up the hill the other side. This will be a very shady spot in the summer.
Stacks Image 52
20.1 miles. Path visible heading through the sheep towards Bures Mill.
Stacks Image 112
20.3 miles. Through kissing gate and around Bures Mill. (to the left of this picture)
Stacks Image 110
20.6 miles. Just after Bures Mill, IGNORE the SVP sign and continue to the road, where you will see this - you are now on St Edmund Way. CHECKPOINT 4 is on your left as you look at this marker post, about 100m further up the road.
Stacks Image 108
Checkpoint 4 will be here.
Stacks Image 72
20.7 miles. Yes, another hill. At the top you will turn L on the track, then R on the road and leave the road just 25m later to run on the track between the barns.
Stacks Image 91
21.2 miles. You will see the bench below as you leave the farm buildings behind.
Stacks Image 175
Unless you are in the lead, you may see runners ahead of you on the hill.
Stacks Image 89
21.6 miles. Cross this stile and then another one in the next hedge line, then straight uphill.
Stacks Image 87
21.8 miles. A killer of a hill, because when you get near the top you realise it isn't the top.... This is the same hill you see from a distance earlier on this page. However, this is the last significant hill and its now a gentler run towards the finish.
Stacks Image 85
23.25 miles. Highly unlikely to see any cars here.
Stacks Image 83
23.8 miles. You have just left sheep pasture through a nice new gate, and after about 10m turning left. Farmhouse out of left of picture.
Stacks Image 93
24.9 miles. Heading down towards Wiston Hall.
Stacks Image 178
Wiston Hall in front, with St Mary's Church on your right - you will go left on to the grass immediately after the steel gate on the left (note sign in centre of pic).
Stacks Image 180
Just 50m further on, you follow the wire fence line and then turn towards the wall. The Eeyore pile below is just out of the left hand side of this picture.
Stacks Image 182
Stacks Image 171
26.1 miles.You pass through the kissing gate and turn R, seeing this. Cross back across the A134 carefully, heading for the verge in the top right of the picture. You came out this way just after halfway.
Stacks Image 184
Once on the verge you are heading for the path between the crash barrier and the trees.
Stacks Image 186
Turn L before the end of the crash barrier. Like many of these signs it has both St Edmund Way signs and Stour Valley Path markers - they share some of the route.
Stacks Image 188
26.5 miles. Coming in to Nayland. That tree blocking the river has been removed.
Stacks Image 196
Steps up to the R of this bridge, and then turn left across the bridge.
Stacks Image 198
26.8 miles. You have just passed the Anchor pub in Nayland. You will be turning right in to Church Mews shortly, just after a long brick wall you are about to see appear on your right, heading back to the Village Hall and the finish.
Stacks Image 200